Step-by-Step beginner friendly lessons on how to properly use candle magick to transform your life !

Learn how to create the lifestyle you've always imagined. Through candle magick & Conjure . Attracting limitless opportunities for abundance , financial growth , love .happiness and freedom .Manifesting your BIG goals into reality . Protecting and freeing yourself from blockages and obstacles . Gaining a greater sense of self awareness and confidence by tapping into your own inner divine magickal power and spiritual gifts .

    1. Introduction & History of Candle Magick

    2. The basics : How Candle Magick Works and When to Perform a Candle Ritual

    3. How to Choose & Combine 7 Day Candles Part #1 ( Money - Luck - Love )

    4. How to Choose & Combine 7 Day Candles Part #2 ( Defensive - Protective - Legal )

    5. Types of Figure & Free Standing Candles

    6. Module 1. Candle Magick's Most Commonly Asked Q & A

    1. Dressing Candles

    2. Roots , Herbs & Their Magical Properties

    3. Incense & Resins

    4. Conjure & Anointing Oils

    1. Building Your Magickal Space

    2. Module 4 : Q & A : Practicing in secret while living with other people

    1. Placing Your Order With The Universe

    1. How To Perform A Spiritual Cleanse

    1. Candle Finished Burning ....Now What ?

Everything you need to know about candle magick in one place.

  • $497.00
  • 6 Modules
  • 129 Interactive Video Lessons + Downloadable PDF Mindset Mastery Worksheets .
  • Certificate of Completion

Hello I’m Jasmine

I’m a 3rd generational Witch, Candle Magick Practitioner, Spiritual Advisor ,Certified Reiki Healer and Ordained Minister . My motto is “Manifesting your best life is only One Ritual Away” and I’ll teach you how .

Enroll in this course today! Start transforming your life tomorrow .Work at your own pace , have lifetime access and see your goals begin to manifest quickly and with effortlessly like MAGICK !

Let’s be real :Everything is energy, we are energetic beings and energy is all around us . You experience it in life everyday, it’s the trees , running water , sun shine , electricity and projected from your own emotions . Feelings of happiness , sadness, love, anger , fear , are all emotions that we naturally produce and project energy from the inside out . It’s no secret every action has a reaction that’s been scientifically proven through the laws of physics. Therefore when you learn how to intentionally tap into using this energy by working with natural elements that were placed here on earth . Like roots and herbs , crystals and candles along with communicating clear intentions. The law of attraction will respond by sending you exactly what you’ve asked for .

By the end of this course you learn

  • How to manifest ANYTHING by mastering your mindset . Within this course of interactive instructional candle magick lessons and step by step guided how to videos.

  • Understand the break down of exactly how candle magick works and how it can transform your life. Learn the formula to creating your own unique personalized candle rituals, conjure oils , and spiritual washes that work !

  • Learn all about the different type of candles and how to use them . How to select and combine the appropriate candles + ingredients to get results !

  • BONUS …..Downloadable PDF worksheets For 12 month mindset mastery , effective petition writing and building your own magical book of rituals . Plus access to my exclusive facebook group “ Real Talk With Witches™️ “ Where you'll to interact with me directly , fellow students and connecting with other like minded individuals . Enroll Today !